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Bile Salt Supplementation and Bile Acid Diarrhea

There is no question about the countless benefits of bile salt supplements for digestion, gut health, and bile circulation. Bile salts support detoxification and stimulate fat burning, according to numerous research studies. Despite the overwhelming advantages, there are some people apprehensive about taking bile salts simply because they are afraid of bile acid diarrhea (BAD). […]


Ox Bile Weight Loss: Real or Hoax?

Bile Salts for Weight Management A commercial research made by Marketdata LLC, a market research firm following the weight loss industry since 1989, confirms that there are about 97 million active dieters in the US alone. This huge chunk of the population is responsible for boosting the weight loss business to as much as $3 […]


Symptoms That May Benefit from Bile Salts Supplements

Aside from people who have had their gallbladder removed, anyone with difficulty digesting fats accompanied with gallbladder-like symptoms,u could benefit from taking bile salts and other bile thinning supplements. Gallbladder symptoms may include: * Pain in the upper right side of abdomen * Pain in right shoulder blade * Diarrhea and/or constipation * Indigestion after […]


Taking Bile Salts as Supplements

Have you had your gallbladder removed, and you have digestive issues such as indigestion, gas, and bloating? Are you experiencing a slow but constant downward spiral in your health? You may have had your surgery a month ago or 30 years ago – you may suddenly have symptoms, or you may have been living with […]


Bile Salts – Can They Help?

A common concern after gallbladder surgery is frequent indigestion, gas, and bloating. If you experience these symptoms, you know the discomfort they bring. You may not have found a lot of help from your doctor but understanding the cause of these issues may help find solutions. One possible solution is taking bile salts. But do […]


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After my gallbladder surgery, my doctor said I would have no troubles eating normally. However, this hasn’t happened. After continuous upset stomach and digestive problems after every meal (even eating healthy), I tried a bile salts supplement. What a difference! Stay tuned for more information on this product and what I did to help my […]