Ox Bile Weight Loss: Real or Hoax?

Bile Salts for Weight Management

A commercial research made by Marketdata LLC, a market research firm following the weight loss industry since 1989, confirms that there are about 97 million active dieters in the US alone. This huge chunk of the population is responsible for boosting the weight loss business to as much as $3 billion in 2017. Medical weight loss clinics, gyms, and other avenues for working out also abound. Sales for meal replacements, diet pills, low-calorie foods, and diet apps have also been steadily increasing in the last decades.

Ironically, CDC statistics states that 80% of American weight watchers try to do it by themselves and the majority fail. In fact, instead of getting thinner, they get fatter. More so, many of those who lose weight drastically are also expected to gain the weight back within a year or so.

But why?

The most popular reason is still the lack of commitment to a serious lifestyle change which requires making better food choices and engaging in regular physical activity. On top of that, other reasons why people on a diet do not succeed (or why those who lose weight eventually gain them back) include:

  • Poor digestion
  • Slow metabolism
  • Insulin resistance and abnormal glucose levels
  • Integration of something unnatural that cannot be sustained (diet pills, meal replacements, etc.)

Ox Bile Weight Loss – How are bile salts different from diet pills and supplements?

To explicitly define and classify what diet pills and supplements are would require one whole research article. But for the purpose of discussion, let us just describe it as any product ingested that aims to promote weight loss, curb appetite, provide nutritional or meal replacement, or block the absorption of fats, carbohydrates, or calories from your food intake so as not to affect your weight. Some of these pills work, and some don’t but to what extent?

Did you know that many of the ingredients used by common diet pills have already been prohibited by the FDA because of their side-effects? Some trigger symptoms that can increase risk for heart attack and other related diseases. There are even claims that diet pills contain addictive substances that may eventually lead to dependence on these drugs.

Having said that, the major advantages of using bile salts for weight management are as follows:

  • Bile salts are natural.

Our bodies already have natural bile salts. However, a number of factors and poor habits may affect its rate of production and release, thus affecting digestion and metabolism. Bile salt supplements simply aim to reinforce and support whatever naturally exists within each of us.

  • Bile salts pose no serious side effects

Numerous studies have already proven that bile salts pose no real danger. Aside from the rare discomfort due to diarrhea experienced by some, there are no major side-effects brought about by taking this supplement because again, they are natural. And that can usually be control by dosage, unless, of course, diarrhea is a pre-existing occurrence.

  • Bile salts do not aim to replace any nutrients or alter natural body functions.

Unlike many diet pills, bile salts won’t make your body do something it is not naturally designed to do.

How can Bile Salts help with Weight Management?

There are many ways that bile salts can help those who are trying to manage their weight or maintain the status quo.

First, bile salts can improve digestion by breaking down the large fat molecules and breaking them down into simpler fats. This is a natural process that happens as the liver and gallbladder releases bile. However, there are cases when fat intake is much more than what the body is prepared to handle. Some liver or gallbladder concerns may also affect the quality and quantity of bile released for fat digestion. This means that even fat-soluble molecules like vitamins A, D, E, and K are affected. Aside from the accumulation of fats, insufficient bile salts in the body may lead to vitamin and nutrient deficiency. That is how bile salts are necessary for digestion. Bile salts also make simple fats more water soluble, and the bile itself, less toxic.

Secondly, bile salts support thermogenesis. The metabolic effect of bile salts increases activity in brown fat. The thermogenesis prompted by the bile and bile salts help waste calories for fat loss. Bile salts also interact with the TGR5 receptor resulting in increased fatty acid oxidation. Through all these mechanisms, bile salt is able to support healthy metabolism.

Lastly, bile salts help with glycemic control. Bile salt supplements can support glucose regulation in the bloodstream. Aside from lowering the risk of diseases related to insulin resistance, this mechanism of bile salts can also control hunger pangs (when you’re really not hungry) as well as  sweet cravings.

So do I buy bile salts to lose weight?

Weight loss and weight management is not the primary purpose of bile salts. However, as explained earlier, the various effects of bile salts on digestion, metabolism, and glycemic control prove it to be an effective supporter for a healthy weight loss journey. There is no shortcut and alternative to a healthier lifestyle but it wouldn’t hurt getting the natural help available for you that supplemental bile salts can provide.

Bile Salts with Taurine

Bile Salts Booster

Bile Salts Booster

With all the available ox bile and ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) supplements available in the market, it might be confusing and difficult to use. So if you need bile salts with a boost, get Bile Salts Booster with Taurine. Taurine isn’t just another additional nutrient. It does a lot more for your overall health. Moreover, research proves that taurine-conjugated bile acids are less toxic than glycine-conjugated bile acids, contributing to healthier bile.

Taurine supports…

  • detoxification
  • heart health
  • weight management
  • brain function
  • immunity
  • overall physical performance
  • digestion and metabolism